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Combined Cooling, Heat and Power

The PureCell® System is a clean-tech marvel, a complete energy solution for commercial buildings that generates not only clean continuous electricity, but also heat and cooling.

More energy, less waste.

The conventional utility system is about 35% efficient at converting fuel into useful electricity and delivering it to buildings. Most of the energy used to create electricity is lost as heat and harmful emissions. What’s left tends to erode as the electricity is transmitted from the point of production to the point of use, a phenomenon known as transmission loss.

In contrast, the PureCell® Model 400 can produce energy at efficiencies as high as 90%. Natural gas, a clean – abundant, American natural resource – is used to create electricity through an electrochemical process with no combustion. As with conventional energy production, PureCell® Systems do generate heat, but since they are typically deployed at or near the point of energy use, the heat can be captured and utilized to provide necessary heating to the facility. Additionally, this local energy production eliminates losses associated with electricity transmission.

The PureCell® Model 400 features an integral heat recovery system that can be used for space heating, domestic water heating and process water heating, thus reducing or eliminating the need for a conventional boiler. Doosan also offers absorption chiller solutions that can convert this heat into chilled water for space cooling or process cooling.

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