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Fuel Cell Solutions

More than just products - clean energy solutions empower building owners to maximize return-on-energy investment.

PureCell® System

The Doosan PureCell® System is a clean, reliable, cost-effective way to generate continuous energy for buildings and microgrids.

Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP)

The PureCell® System is a clean-tech marvel, a complete energy solution for commercial buildings that generates not only clean continuous electricity, but also heat and cooling.


The Doosan PureCell® System offers a range of valuable benefits including improved sustainability, utility cost control, and secure, resilient energy.

What is a Fuel Cell?

A fuel cell is a simple electrochemical device that generates electricity from hydrogen fuel and oxygen.

Inside the PureCell® System

The innovative Doosan PureCell® System is a complete energy solution for generating clean electricity and heat from natural gas with a market-leading energy efficiency and reliability.

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