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By establishing governance and strategy for CSR, Doosan Corporation is systematically implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility.

Doosan declared its firm resolution to practice CSR management by establishing the “Doosan Way” in order to create a “Proud Global Doosan.” Moreover, to anticipate and promptly respond to the various CSR requirements and standards within and outside Korea, a groupwide CSR strategy has been established consisting of clearly-defined objectives and missions, four key areas and ten priority tasks.

Proud Global Doosan

The Doosan Way
CSR Goal
Addition to the Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies in the World Index* by 2025
CSR Missison
Supporting Responsible and Sustainable Growth
CSR Pillars
(Focus Areas)

Respect for People

Reliable Operations

Responsibility in Engagement

CSR Value Creation

CSR Priorities
(Main Tasks)
  • 1. Nurture a culture of respecting human rights
  • 2. Fair employment
  • 3. Establish a safe workplace environment
  • 4. Enhance fair operations and supply chain CSR
  • 5. Green management and climate change mitigation/adaptation
  • 6. Strengthen product/service responsibility
  • 7. Incorporate business value to sophisticate community involvement activities
  • 8. Reinforce disclosure of corporate information (CSR)
  • 9. Implement businesses that create CSR value
  • 10. Improve CSR performance monitoring
Develop strong CSR governance (Execution system/Commitment by management and employees)
The 9 Core Values (People, Cultivating People, Integrity and Transparency, Inhwa, World-class Technology and Innovation, Customers, Profit, Social Responsibility, Safety and Environment)
Demand of
Global CSR Initiative : UN SDGs / ISO 26000 / UN Global Compact / GRI

*Standards published thd World Economic, Davos, Switzerland

CSR governance

As Doosan’s supreme decision-making body, the CSR Committee develops CSR strategic directions, reviews CSR-related management activities, and inspects the progress of improvement tasks and implementation plans. The CSR Committee is composed of representatives from all of the company’s BG/BU, business divisions, and management division, as well as executives from its key departments.
The head of the business division serves as the chairperson, with the relevant officers assuming responsibility for five subcommittees, namely, the HR, EHS, R&D, Supply Chain and CSR subcommittees. The heads of BG/BU participate in the CSR Committee as its members to enable each business division to aggressively promote CSR activities.
The CSR Committee holds three meetings per year, at which the progress and plans of tasks are reported by each BG/BU. Furthermore, the meetings serve as a forum for designing improvement plans through in-depth discussion of key CSR issues.

Key CSR activities

Doosan Corporation operates a CSR team dedicated to carrying out CSR management more effectively. It also induces collaboration among its BG/BU and teams at the same time by operating systems for the smooth performance of strategic tasks.
The CSR team diagnoses the CSR of management activities in order to survey economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities each year, and reports the outcome to the CSR committee chairperson and the heads of the BG/BU. The team develops action plans by drawing up improvement tasks through subcommittees composed of working-level personnel belonging to BG/BU. The members in charge of the five subcommittees report the plans for implementing the tasks to the CSR Committee after surveying the progress of their respective subcommittee. In addition, CSR reports on the achievements and plans reported by the CSR Committee are published each year to share and communicate with stakeholders in and outside the Group.
In 2016, a system was put in place for horizontal deployment of BG-level best practice factors in CSR at overseas worksites. In 2017, Doosan Corporation began to introduce its CSR operation system overseas, starting with its worksites in China. Key accomplishments include the strengthening of human rights management, revamping of the supplier evaluation system to spread CSR practices to the supply chain, improvement of the energy management system based on energy requirements per unit of output, establishment of an environmentally-friendly product development strategy, due diligence on privacy and data security and raising related awareness, and active involvement in community interests and social causes.

External Evaluation

Since our CSR operational system was established in 2013, we have been voluntarily conducting CSR assessments and identifying improvement tasks so as to continuously elevate our CSR performance. These endeavors enabled us to be listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Asia Pacific Class in the Industrial Conglomerates category for two years in a row in 2014 and 2015. We were also rated A in the ESG evaluation performed by the Korea Corporate Governance Service in order to recognize sustainable companies that meet their social responsibility among domestic listed companies.

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Our Belief

The spirit that drives our people is the core of the Doosan Way.


To become the leading global fuel cell company that creates value for our customers through unparalleled products and technology.

Our Strategy

Doosan’s strategy is based on the principle of “2G” - Growth of Business by Growth of People.

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