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Our energy solutions are complete. The Doosan Fuel Cell America team will support you through the decision process, the cost-analysis, the design, installation and on-going operation and maintenance.

Energy Solutions

Growing energy consumption is a global concern.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, global energy use will jump 49% between 2007 and 2035. That's why clean, critical and secure energy solutions are increasingly important. Doosan Fuel Cell America offers proven solutions to these energy challenges, helping our customers lower energy costs through superior efficiency, reliability and reduced emissions for environmentally responsible operations.




PureCell® fuel cell systems build on our unmatched fuel cell fleet durability and operating experience. To date, the PureCell® fleet has over 10 million hours of operational experience with installations in 19 countries on six continents.




While central power plants achieve efficiency percentages in the low-mid 30s, PureCell® systems can attain energy conversion efficiencies up to 90 percent by turning potential waste heat into useable energy. This means PureCell® systems are able to extract more usable energy from the same amount of fuel, translating into significantly lower energy costs for our customers.

PureCell® systems utilize proven phosphoric acid fuel cell technology to deliver an unparalleled blend of performance benefits, including:

• system efficiency – up to 90%
• system availability – >95%
• durability – 10-year cell stack life

The case for fuel cell power is straightforward.
It’s a clean, reliable, high-yield energy source that generates heat, power and water - with a very attractive return on your investment. If you are seeking to utilize the latest in clean power and the most immediate return on your investment, fuel cells are the right source for your energy. And Doosan Fuel Cell America is the right place to start.